Adult Sunday Schoo
l: 9:30am
Worship:  10:45am
     Everyone is Welcome!
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  • NURTURE COMMISSION                                           
The inner mission of the church
*"The commission on nurture shall be responsible for fostering the spiritual life of the congregation through music, worship, education, and fellowship."
- Secure people to serve as coordinators and on various committees that are a part of the Nurture commission.
- Plans activities and events within the church such as pizza & movie nights, picnics, special events for Mother's Day and Father's Day, Christmas programs, etc.

The stewardship function of the church
*"The commission of stewards shall be the legal trustees of the congregation.... This commission shall be responsible for overseeing the care, protection, and maintenance of all church property..."

The outer mission of the church 
*"The commission on witness shall be responsible for directing the congregation's witness to the world through evangelism, congregational outreach, ecumenical relations, missions, social action, ministry to the needy, and daily vocations."
- Sends troop boxes two to three times per year to men and women serving our great country.
- Puts together backpacks full of school supplies for local needy children.
- Distributes Christmas gifts to our local Family Crisis Center.
- Collects money for blankets for Church World Service.
- Collects money for Heifer International.
- Etc.  

*"Their central interest shall be the spiritual welfare of the church family.  They shall work with the Commission on Nurture and the Commission on Witness in serving in Communion and Love Feast, preparing for baptism, visiting the sick, the shut-ins, and helping the needy."